About Us

"We're here to support your healing and growth. It can be surprisingly simple and fast to gain insight and make the dramatic changes you want for a meaningful life! We offer a choice of professional female counselors, a discreet location, a peaceful, beautiful, & safe place to talk, flexible scheduling, and the latest therapies customized to fit your needs.  Things often do not get better on their own; it takes us stepping forward, even when it feels difficult or uncomfortable, to make that first call and start on the path to healing. We return calls promptly.”


Welcome to Monroe Counseling

At Monroe Counseling we understand the importance of our clients feeling comfortable, heard, and understood, so we have created an atmosphere that meets the needs of individual adults and couples, as well as children, adolescents and families. Our counselors help people every day with psychological and emotional distress, relationship conflict, parenting, and other normal life challenges in a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental way.

·         80% of people improve after getting counseling.

·         For many, medication and counseling is the most helpful choice.

·         Regain your peace-of-mind, energy, and well-being.

·         Learn how to prevent problems from returning.

·         Gain helpful skills that will last you a lifetime.

People come to us for help with many different issues and they are often relieved to learn that therapy does not have to mean a long-term commitment. Making even small changes can have a profound effect on your life and your relationships. We are passionate about restoring emotional health, healing a painful past, assisting you in developing profound, meaningful relationships and giving strategies and tools for the difficulties of life.

Our Professional Counselors

We are a group of individual practitioners who work collaboratively to provide a wide range of mental health services. Each clinician participates in specialized training, continuing education, and monthly consultation to ensure that we are providing respectful and effective therapeutic services.  Each counselor brings her unique personality, experience, and therapeutic approach. We are all trained at a Masters level and registered or certified with a professional association to ensure you receive safe, effective, and ethical services. Read more about each of us by clicking on the above tab "Meet Our Counselors". Here, you can find each counselor's own direct contact number and email. We respond promptly.

Our fees range from$85 to $150, depending on the service type. A sliding scale is available for those who qualify and as individual counselors have opennings. We each offer a free 30 minute phone consultation. 

We are located at: 204 W Main St, Suite B, Monroe WA. We offer free client parking and close proximity to a major bus route.