Do you….

·        Do you suffer from feelings of guilt, grief, anger or depression from a post-abortive experience – recently or long ago?

·        Do you feel alienated from your faith or wonder if God's love and forgiveness can really be for you?

·        Does it feel as though no one understands or cares?


Journey to heal the forbidden grief –

   The unspoken pain of abortion … 

                come to a:

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat


·        Enjoy a weekend in a peaceful retreat center.

·        Gather with others who understand your pain in a confidential, non-judgmental environment

·        The retreat offers a nurturing environment, making it possible for you to go back through sad memories of loss and then journey forward into the healing you seek

·        Participation is strictly confidential, and offers a beautiful opportunity to experience God’s love and compassion 


Next Retreat is Thursday – Saturday, the first weekend in October


Cost is $150 for room, meals and materials

Financial assistance is available.

For confidential information, call now: Barbara Olson, 425-297-3225



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