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Rachel's Vineyard Retreat

Do you….

...suffer from feelings of guilt, grief, anger or depression from a post-abortive experience – recently or long ago?

...feel alienated from your faith or wonder if God's love and forgiveness can really be for you?

...feel as though no one understands or cares?

Journey to heal the forbidden grief –

   The unspoken pain of abortion …

                come to a:

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat


Enjoy a weekend in a peaceful retreat center.

Gather with others who understand your pain in a confidential, non-judgmental environment

The retreat offers a nurturing environment, making it possible for you to go back through sad memories of loss and then journey forward into the healing you seek

Participation is strictly confidential, and offers a beautiful opportunity to experience God’s love and compassion

Cost is $150 for room, meals and materials

Financial assistance is available.

For confidential information, call now: Barbara Olson, 425-297-3225


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